Pain Recovery at LVRC

In an era of medication for chronic pain, Las Vegas Recovery Center brings a fresh approach to treating chronic pain conditions. Our stance is simple: opioid pain drugs often make matters worse for people. We find that people can reduce their daily pain by safely detoxing from any habit-forming drugs and following our rigorous program designed to treat the entire person. Our 4 points of balanced approach ensure that both the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of one’s life are addressed. If you don’t think we can improve your life, let our research studies show you. On average, we reduce pain by 50 % with no habit-forming prescription medications. To see a list of conditions and diseases we commonly see click here.

Pain Recovery vs. Pain Management

Pain management is not solution-focused and cannot be considered real recovery. By reinforcing the illusion that pain can be eliminated or controlled, the pain management process can often increase suffering. With most chronic pain conditions, the pain may wax and wane, but it rarely goes away altogether. Therefore, the goal of eliminating pain is, in the great majority of cases, simply not realistic.

Chronic pain is like a smoke detector that goes on and becomes stuck on the “on” mode, continuously sounding a harrowing alarm at high volume. Pain recovery distinguishes between the actual pain and the suffering it causes and focuses on achieving relief from suffering. Pain is unavoidable; suffering is not. Suffering is triggered by a spectrum of distressing emotions associated with pain. Mel Pohl, MD, DFASAM, Chief Medical Officer of Las Vegas Recovery Center is a nationally recognized expert on chronic pain and addiction as co-occurring disorders. Dr. Pohl is the principal developer of the pain recovery model at LVRC. He views suffering—the cognitive and emotional responses to pain that perpetuate and exacerbate it—as the true target of intervention.