Opiate-Free Chronic Pain Recovery Based on Innovative Therapies.
A Full Spectrum of Care for Alcohol and Drug Addiction.

Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) offers dignified and effective treatment for substance use disorders as well as chronic pain. Our private and secure campus is located in the northwest part of Las Vegas. Incorporating cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational therapies, 12-Step Recovery, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) into our treatment programs provides a well-rounded experience on your road to recovery. These therapeutic modalities combined with a host of enhanced services delivered by highly trained and credentialed staff create an environment for discovery, change, and renewal.  LVRC contracts with various insurance companies to help cover the cost of treatment.

Rehmar Recovery Residences is our sober living option once inpatient treatment has concluded.  It is often combined with one of our outpatient programs to ensure a substance-free living environment.

Family treatment is an extremely important and strong aspect of treatment with us. Engaging the entire family lends itself to better treatment outcomes. Family treatment includes a 4-day family workshop held once a month. This program takes families through the basics of substance use disorders and family systems.

Not everyone is the same, thus with all of our offerings, it is important we utilize the American Society of Addiction Medicines (ASAM) placement criteria assessment to ensure our clients start the right program for them based on their unique history.

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