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LVRC Alumni Association

Build Relationships and Have Fun

Life in recovery certainly isn’t boring. But those new to recovery may not know it, yet. So, what exactly happens after treatment? Others who stay abstinent and have grown in recovery after completing treatment at Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), can serve as a beacon of hope for those who wonder what life will be like when they walk out the center’s doors.

Life can feel a bit overwhelming if you think you are “on your own.” But you aren’t on your own. We are here to help you. Each alumni event is designed to provide the opportunity to build relationships, celebrate recovery, and have some fun. A few of the ways we have fun include:

Monthly Dinner & Meeting

Join us for dinner and a meeting at LVRC! Enjoy a wonderful opportunity to share a meal in the dining facility while catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Come to a meeting and ask about other fun activities we do!

Annual Alumni Picnic

Scheduled each April, this event attracts hundreds of people. Alumni, their families, and staff members from LVRC and CR come together on this very special day. Activities include games for kids, games for “big kids,” guest speakers, and, of course, amazing food. The picnic is a great way to celebrate success and to demonstrate how recovery has changed life for the better. Alumni come back and give back the gift they were given.

“The Alumni Picnic provided the chance to see my old counselor and others I was in treatment with. My family really enjoyed that day!” – Client Alumna

Weekly Alumni Meetings

Stop by and check in with everyone!


Alumni vs. Staff!

Summer Splash

Bi-weekly barbecue and speaker meeting (June, July, and August), and a dip in the pool!

Pancake Breakfast

Families, clients, and alumni meet to celebrate another year of recovery and listen to speakers while enjoying breakfast!

About LVRC Alumni Association


The LVRC Alumni Association was founded as a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization in May 2010. The structured community-like association fosters a supportive environment to connect new alumni with those who have more experience in living a recovery-centered life.

The LVRC Alumni Association provides opportunities to help people gain access to treatment who otherwise could not afford it. Such help exists only through the generous support of the General and Scholarship Funds by people, like you, who’ve been through the recovery process and know how it can change a life. Give someone else the gift of recovery, you may be saving a life. Please consider making a donation today!

I'm a Las Vegas Recovery Center Alumni! How can I help?


This simple question has inspired the creation of multiple funds. These funds not only support events throughout the year but assist those who may not be able to afford treatment. Opportunities exist to support those who seek recovery and those who have already found it. Such help exists only through the generous support of the General and Scholarship Funds by people just like you.

Please consider making a donation today; any gift is sincerely appreciated.

The Scholarship Fund

Provides financial assistance to those in need so they may participate in one of Las Vegas Recovery Center’s many treatment programs.

Your donation to these funds can change the course of a family’s life forever. Help an addict and their loved ones to escape the torture and turmoil of active addiction or chronic pain. Save a life, save a family today!

The General Fund

Provides financial support for the many fun events held during the year. If you would like to support or attend these events, consider making a donation to ensure they continue. We work hard to provide these fun activities to ensure our alumni have the opportunity to experience fun in recovery!


“I was very fortunate to be able to attend Las Vegas Recovery Center, it means a lot to know that I can help someone else find the gift of recovery.” – JK , Alumnus

Donations In Kind

LVRC Alumni Association will accept your donations of any kind. If you have any item you are interested in donating, please fill out this form and a representative will contact you. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to give!