About Central Recovery

A Family of Companies Dedicated to Recovery®

Since 2003, Central Recovery has built a network of companies on the belief that substance use disorders are treatable. This belief has driven us to develop a variety of avenues to provide hope to those who are suffering. From the evidence-based, client-centered treatment programs of Sierra Sage Recovery Services to the impressive list of published works of Central Recovery Press, we can serve our community and the entire country.

The impact of what we do can have resounding positive effects for generations. Through all of our endeavors, we are showing people that recovery is real, recovery is possible, and recovery is lasting.

Our Mission

Central Recovery is dedicated to offering comprehensive services to anyone seeking recovery from addiction, chronic pain and mental health issues.


Our Vision

To continue to provide transformative and life-saving services, education, and information to our clients, their families, and loved ones.

Our Principles


Our clients always come first

Customer Service

We have an uncompromising determination to provide the highest level of care, attention, and treatment for our clients, their families, and other loved ones.


We believe the the key to our success is the passion and commitment our staff exhibit when working with our clients, their families, and other loved ones.


We expect our staff to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything they do at work and in their personal lives. The private and confidential information our clients entrust is with is sacrosanct.  To Breach this trust would be unthinkable.


We embrace effective evidence-based treatment and recovery options.  This includes the time tested 12-step approach, as well as others that produce good outcomes.


A family of companies dedicated to providing services, education and information to those seeking recovery.